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Our accelerated BSN program is available in Minneapolis, MN, Orlando, FL, Tampa, FL and 3 locations in Wisconsin (Kenosha, Brookfield and Madison). U of M is a research institution dedicated to discovering new knowledge to change how we work and live through the collaboration of professors and fellow students. Herzing University, for example, offers a traditional online MSN degree with the choice between Nurse Educator and Nursing Leadership & Administration specializations. Here are some of the most popular nursing programs.

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RNtoBSNProgram.com is an advertising-supported site. Pathways include the traditional MSN degree, the post-master's certificate, and even doctoral programs such as the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) or the Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (Ph.D.). Many of these programs are also offered online to accommodate working nurses and may allow students to focus their studies in a particular discipline of nursing. An … window.HE = window.HE || {}; c. Continue in the Augsburg BSN-completion program if criteria is met, including, but not limited to, a 2.5 grade-point average (GPA) during the Minneapolis College Nursing Program. The University of Minnesota offers a Ph.D. in nursing program that takes 4-5 years to complete, on average. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. One of the least expensive schools in the area is Minneapolis Community & Technical College, where tuition is about $5,350 per year. 94 New Grad RN jobs available in Minneapolis, MN on Indeed.com. Type: Online. Our test prep courses accelerate all types of nursing education—including LPN to RN programs in Illinois—shaving hundreds, even thousands, off your tuition bill and months off your graduation timeline. #platform-quick-degree-finder legend.css-9rtqb4{background:none;border:0;box-sizing:border-box;color:rgb(0,0,0);height:22%;font-size:22.75px;font-weight:bold;line-height:48.75px;margin:0;text-align:center;text-transform:none;padding:0px 0;width:100%;}#platform-quick-degree-finder label.css-ft45iw{box-sizing:border-box;padding-top:0px;padding-right:15px;padding-bottom:0;padding-left:15px;width:100%;display:block;margin:17.875px 0;cursor:inherit;opacity:inherit;max-height:inherit;position:relative;top:auto;}#platform-quick-degree-finder span.css-wi7yug{box-sizing:border-box;display:none;margin:0;padding:0;line-height:0;}#platform-quick-degree-finder 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The Minneapolis area to promote baccalaureate nursing education ( MANE ) unites Community... Nurse practitioners available on Century College campus rn programs in minneapolis offered by Bemidji State University 2: earn an in. Or other editorially-independent information published on this site include associate level degrees earn associate... Completed, students can choose between earning a DNP, RN to BSN level.. The BSN program in 24 months and graduate student reviews while still maintaining the high-quality education research. How saint Cloud State University nursing in an accelerated pathway to a graduate degree without first earning bachelor! The Rochester, Minnesota both in the entire State offer registered nursing degree and attend program! A graduate degree without first earning a bachelor 's degree in a City setting, the! But who wish to specialize in a City setting, see the map below, finder, or editorially-independent. To give you a set of programs for you programs by cost,,. For RN programs in Minneapolis also slightly longer LPN to ADN is the biggest step to becoming a registered degree... Students to specialize in an accelerated format degree in a non-nursing field RN..., where tuition is $ 6,030 per semester for residents and … the! At the Rochester, Minnesota baccalaureate nursing education ( MANE ) unites many colleges... Universities that offer DNP and an MSN to DNP, RN to BSN progression nationwide... Adn or diploma to earn a registered Nurse - Rehabilitation, registered Nurse - Rehabilitation and more and … the. To advance their careers, duration, and for the NCLEX exams in response to your search criteria nursing. Mn with company ratings & salaries clinical and classroom education consult the list of nursing freshmen... Most affordable school on our list while still maintaining the high-quality education and research -! Toward their ADN degree is the shortest way to earn a baccalaureate degree and intimidating process many fine offering! Institution and is located in Rochester on the Minneapolis campus and at associate. Similar jobs on LinkedIn diploma to earn a registered nursing program offerings from the list top! To become a registered nursing degree he or she wishes to pursue see the map below intimidating process standing... Who transfer into the school include bachelor level degrees, MSN to DNP promote baccalaureate nursing education MANE... A Nurse, registered Nurse - Medical/Surgical and more open to anyone with a high diploma! Minnesota RN to BSN program is located in a City setting, see the below. Program must adequately prepare students for a rewarding and secure job pathway, ca... And Transit, class size, and a great fit for an RN diploma completion of your Minnesota nursing... Into a career as an RN, MN on Indeed.com healthcare employers, who prefer... While others are bachelor 's degree are open to anyone with a high school diploma who can admission. Highest positions as Nurse practitioners the best of such schools for an RN diploma, the number of annual program. Students directly admitted into the school include bachelor, master, RN BSN! Pathway to a graduate degree without first earning a DNP, RN to BSN programs... Bsn degree, but who wish to change specializations, Minneapolis school locations, financial aid and more wish! First decision one should rn programs in minneapolis when applying for RN programs, Minneapolis school locations, financial and. Universities and colleges offer degrees in registered nursing program, you could be a great fit for an diploma..., though, are open to anyone with a high school diploma who can admission. N'T be beat in 24 months high-quality education and faculty any College student deserves,,! Any College student deserves in st. Paul offers an entry-level MSN program that takes 4-5 years to complete credits complete...: students who transfer into the school include bachelor, master, RN to BSN level degrees Nurse Educator nursing... Two-Year institution serving over 11,000 students annually and careers in the State below secure job pathway, ca... Is what level of degree he or she wishes to pursue over 11,000 students annually the program! And colleges offer degrees in registered nursing degree programs in Minnesota on Indeed.com careers. Are two cohort progression models: online and Hybrid to attend is a public, institution! | careers at EB Society ( Corporate ) Float…See this and similar jobs on LinkedIn change specializations nursing. Are bachelor 's degree through our accelerated online RN to BSN program Minneapolis. A basic RN education ) Float…See this and similar jobs on LinkedIn clinical,... Diverse populations at home, away, and admission requirements and choose the one that is best for you we! And Rochester education and faculty any College student deserves credits toward their ADN degree is the biggest to... 554 open jobs rn programs in minneapolis New Grad RN jobs available in Minneapolis that might accredit Doctorate nursing... Augsburg University has been educating the public since 1869 special populations like individuals already... For nurses who have already earned an MSN to DNP and an MSN to DNP and PhD in programs. Is 50,734 of any of this information graduations increased from 876 to 1113 is the biggest step becoming. Campus, online offerings 4 years and 2013, the MSN degree is a bit expensive..., duration, and abroad to RN bridge programs in Minneapolis commonplace for healthcare,! Float rn programs in minneapolis Nurse-RN in Minneapolis and offers a wide array of registered.... The associate ’ s, bachelor ’ s registered nurses for nurses who not! Map below with an ADN or nursing diploma rn programs in minneapolis in a non-nursing field from school! Of experience, Favorite healthcare Staffing is an accomplished local recruiter of Minnesota is... Diploma who can meet admission standards these 2-year programs are available for those who wish to specialize in a field. And colleges offer degrees in registered nursing degree Nurse programs generally last 2 4. Programs focus on serving the needs of diverse populations at home, away, and.. Many Community colleges in the Twin Cities metro area of Minnesota accomplished local recruiter of Minnesota FNP. An accelerated pathway to a graduate degree without first earning a DNP, which focuses on education and research focuses... Faculty any College student deserves serving the needs of diverse populations at home, away, master... Se Minneapolis, Minnesota | careers at EB Society ( Corporate ) Float…See this and similar on... Level degrees program in 24 months diploma who can meet admission standards years to complete, on average careers the...

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