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About | It brings an extremely fine and delicate texture to the garden composition and should be used to full effect. In medieval times, sweet woodruff was hung or strewn in churches on Whitsunday and Saint Barnabas Day. Sweet Woodruff is adapted to grow in the shade, but it will thrive in full sun as well. It was also used as a poultice for wounds and administered as a decoction to treat stomach problems.In Germany, where sweet woodruff is known as “waldmeister” or “master of the woods,” the plant’s leaves lend a distinctive flavor to “Maiwein” or May wine. Native geographic location and habitat. Leaves and stems have a vanilla-like odor when dried. It is also an edible plant that is said to taste somewhat of vanilla. © 2020 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands See our obsessively curated catalog of favorite products sourced by the Gardenista editors. This species of ground cover is an excellent deer-resistant ornamental grass. Starting from scratch or upgrading an outdoor space? Tiny white flowers late spring and summer. Featured Companies | This perennial will quickly suffocate weeds and spread out throughout the garden similar to Japanese Pachysandra. Central Phoenix -- I have an Aloe Christmas Carol, ... read more, I just found one upside down on our patio and put him ... read more, Flocks to the suet feeder along with the dozen or so ... read more, Winter is citrus season Sow the seeds in the spring (note that if your are saving the sweet woodruff seeds for the next year, then the current years crop of seed would be fully ripe in July/August, the percentage of seeds to germinate can be increased by exposing the seeds to the cold. Sweet Woodruff (Asperula Odorata or Galium Odoratum) - Also known as Our Lady's Lace, this low-growing perennial is versatile and grows well from Sweet Woodruff seeds. This low-growing perennial plant thrives in any soil but is not programmed to take over the earth. Among its many nicknames are stickywilly, stickyweed, stickyleaf, cleavers, goosegrass, catchweed and coachweed. Like others of the bedstraws, the narrow leaves are arranged in whorls. Hint: Make sure it gets enough moisture through the summer months; if not, the leaves will develop brown, tattered edges. Sweet Woodruff (A) Thyme (A) This care sheet and more information is available on our website at bordines.com 3/19 PROTECT YOUR PLANTS Here are a few options to protect deer … Sun Exposure Partial Shade or Young trees and shrubs can suffer permanent damage from deer browsing. Camas Sun ⩗ ... Eupatorium Joe-Pye Weed Sun/part shade ⩗ Filipendula Meadowsweet Any ⩗ Galium odoratum Sweet Woodruff Part shade/shade Gunnera manicata Gunnera Part shade/shade ⩗ Hemerocallis Daylily Sun ⩗ Fast growth 6 to 12 inches tall, spreading indefinitely. SOURCEBOOK FOR THE CONSIDERED HOME Customer Reviews Based on 9 reviews Write a review Clicking through to the retailer that sells the product may earn us a commission. Sweet woodruff is a deer-resistant ground c… Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the Davesgarden.com Terms of Use, Rules, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy. Sweet woodruff grows best in a shady or partially shady location with slightly moist, well-drained soil. Its fragrant narrow leaves remain light green in color throughout the year. Sweet woodruff can even serve as a kind of living mulch for trees, shrubs and sturdy perennials such as astilbe.InvasivenessWhen planted in a location that suits it, sweet woodruff can become aggressive. When crushed or cut, the leaves emit a scent reminiscent of freshly-mown hay. Sweet woodruff does well in partial to full shade. All rights reserved. Like others of the bedstraws, the narrow leaves are arranged in … Should you decide to plant it, give careful thought to its placement, and keep an eye on its spread, particularly after it has had a year or so to get comfortable in your garden. Shallow rooted and preferring rich, porous soil, it is a good choice near trees, or in problem areas where there are tree roots or other obstructions, like rocks, close to the soil surface. Easily divided at almost any time. Galium OdoratumAlthough most kinds of Galium are weedy growers you would not invite into your border, sweet woodruff is beloved by many gardeners for its fragrance and willingness to grow in shady spots. The larvae of numerous butterfly and moth species use the plants as a food source. All Gardenista stories—from garden tours and expert advice to hand tools and furniture roundups. Foliage is bright green when it first emerges, becoming a darker green later in the summer.CultureSweet woodruff, hardy in zones 4 through 8, is easily grown in moist, well-drained soil. Partial to full shade. Sweet Woodruff prefers a semi-shady spot that's protected from the sun during the hottest part of the day. Mission | Optimal Growing Conditions. The seeds have been used as a coffee substitute, the stems used as a strainer for milk and other liquids, and the whole plant used to stuff bedding. You can even mow it with the blades set high. Sweet woodruff is exceptionally easy to grow and readily adapts to a wide range for soil and moisture conditions. Deer damage is usually identified by the torn or jagged appearance of branches or twigs. Other qualities to recommend Galium odoratum include its sweet scent (coincidentally repellent to deer) and its cloaking effect, which slows evaporation from soil in dry spots. We have 200 guides on everything from fences to foxgloves. Be careful to keep it out of direct sunlight, which can damage sweet woodruff’s pinwheel leaves, and don’t confuse it with its weedy, invasive cousin, the eponymously named “sticky weed” (G. aparine). Because the plant’s roots are shallow, it is fairly easy to yank out what you don’t want. Sweet woodruff can … Galium is closely related to the Asperula family, and in fact plants are sometimes interchangeably categorized. Sweet Woodruff, Galium odoratum: “Woodland Galaxy” The word “sweet” in its common name is a giveaway: Sweet woodruff is the galium to go for when looking to cover the ground with something sweet-natured. It is sometimes confused with Galium triflorum and Galium verum . The plant is rarely damaged by deer. It features small-petaled, scented white flowers in late spring and summer, elegantly rising above a lush carpet of fragrant, lance-shaped, soft emerald-green leaves in whorls. Blechnum spicant Deer Fern Part shade/shade ⩗ ⩗ Caltha palustris Marsh Marigold Sun ⩗ Camassia spp. I often recommend sweet woodruff as a choice for those looking to cover steep slopes quickly, or for folks who need a deer-resistant ground cover. It tends to weave through the garden easily choking out pesky weeds. The "sweet" part of this delicate-looking beauty's name refers to the refreshing hay-like scent of its leaves and flowers. Other qualities to recommend Galium odoratuminclude its sweet scent (coincidentally repellent to deer) and its cloaking effect, which slows evaporation from soil in dry spots. Like most herbs, it requires good drainage and slightly acidic soil. Deer Resistant Edging Rabbit Resistant ... Great with spring bulbs of all kinds, Sweet Woodruff will help to disguise that ugly bulb foliage when it begins to die back in late spring. Do Not Sell My Personal Information] Your resource for finding the best storage and home organization solutions for every room in the house. The Galium genus includes over 600 species, most of which are known as bedstraw. Tag us using #gardenista. Browse our collection of more than 2,000 plants and seeds, which can be ordered directly from our favorite shops and growers. Sweet woodruff ( Galium odoratum ) is a durable, shade loving groundcover that combines neat little leaves and adorable white flowers for a visually appealing look. Cover the ground beautifully and economically - 32 landscape plugs cost just $3.12 each! The fruit is not ornamentally significant. It transforms problem areas into oases! We love our winter citrus. Native to Europe, northern Africa and northern Asia, the plant is also sometimes called sweetscented bedstraw. Sweet woodruff ( Galium odoratum) is also known as wild baby’s breath, and master of the woods, and bedstraw. The one-stop sourcebook for the considered home, guiding readers artfully through the remodeling and design process. Gardenista’s members-only directory of landscape architects and garden designers. Sweet Woodruff, Galium odoratum, has long been a woodland garden favorite for its elegant beauty. Advertise | Sweet Woodruff (Galium odoratum): This perennial herb is well-known for its mat-forming growth habits. The leaves, stems and seeds are all covered with hooked hairs that stick like velcro to animal feathers or fur, or to human clothing, ensuring the plant’s wide dispersal. Galium odoratum (Sweet Woodruff) is a mat-forming perennial that creates a very attractive ground cover in moist, shady areas. (Galium odoratum) A classic woodland plant native to Europe with a light, airy feel. Sweet woodruff: Galium odoratum, like catnip, is an aromatic perennial for zones 4 to 8. It has a white bloom and reaches 8 to 12 inches in height (with a slightly greater width). ... read more. Galium odoratum (sweet woodruff) in bloom in May. Dried leaves were used to stuff mattresses and placed in closets and drawers to keep moths away from clothing or linens. Galium odoratum Description. Toxicity Coumarin, the chemical responsible for the pleasant odor of sweet woodruff, has long been used as a fixative in perfumes, as well as a flavor-enhancing ingredient in tobaccos. The leaves are steeped in a white wine such as Riesling; often brandy, sparkling wine, sugar and fruit are added to create a punch intended to welcome the arrival of spring. See more ideas about Sweet woodruff, Woodruff, Plants. In the spring when it is in bloom, sweet woodruff can reach from 6 to 8 inches in height, but later in the season it is only about 4 inches high. Space plants about a foot apart. There are several native species of Galium, but G. odoratum is an Old World species, hardy in USDA Zones 4 to 8. Spreading by both underground roots and by self-seeding, it quickly forms a thick mat. Often used as a ground cover, Sweet Woodruff herb plants have whorled leaves and small vanilla-scented white flowers in spring. The foliage is deer resistant. Sweet Woodruff thrives in practically any soil, except arid desert soil, and can spread aggressively, which is fine in a ground cover, less appealing in the border. Other Uses Because sweet woodruff’s scent grows even stronger when the leaves are dried, this herb has historically been used in sachets and potpourris. Its vernacular names include woodruff, sweet woodruff, and wild baby's breath; master of the woods would be a literal translation of the German Waldmeister. Heading somewhere? Space sweet woodruff 8 to 10 inches apart. In medieval times, yellow bedstraw provided a pleasant-smelling stuffing for mattresses. Back to the top Propagate by seed, cuttings, division or separation. Sweet woodruff, or Galium odoratum (formerly classified as Asperula odorata), is a low-maintenance perennial long cultivated in shady gardens. … DescriptionIn the spring when it is in bloom, sweet woodruff can reach from 6 to 8 inches in height, but later in the season it is only about 4 inches high. Sweet woodruff prefers moist, rich soil in partial to full shade but … Resistant to deer and tolerant of black walnut toxicity. The plant may die back and go dormant in the summer if located in a spot that is too hot and dry.Garden UsesBesides being useful in low light situations, sweet woodruff makes an attractive ground cover and looks right at home in herb and rock gardens. Enjoy the sweet scent of lily-of-the-valley every spring, as well as its low-care nature. SOURCEBOOK FOR CONSIDERED LIVING Sweet woodruff grows about 6 to 10 inches high and is a trailing-rooting ground cover. The resulting fruit has tiny hooks on it that catch on the fur of animals who the transport them to new areas where the seeds can grow into new plants. Photo by Blanca Begert. Each delicate stem is a stack of tidy little leaves, arrayed out like a wheel. Description. After spending 28 years as a teacher and librarian, Gwen Bruno is now a full-time freelance writer residing in suburban Chicago. Sweet Woodruff. If you’re looking for a perennial ground cover to complement silvery or gray foliage in a shady spot, sweet woodruff should be at the top of your list; for more choices, see our design and growing guides to Lungwort, Coral Bells, and Bugleweed. In Ireland, where it is widespread, Galium aparine is called robin-run-the-hedge. ... Sweet woodruff Galium odoratum. When crushed or cut, the leaves emit a scent reminiscent of freshly-mown hay. Lance-shaped leaves are shiny green and grow in whorls around stems that grow up to 12" tall. Contact Us | Plant Name: Convallaria majalis Galium or sweet woodruff is a durable deer proof shade loving groundcover providing handsome leaves all season. Landscape Attributes. This name was used because the dried plant was used to stuff mattresses since in the Middle Ages where it was also strewn across the floor as a room freshener. Christian tradition refers to sweet woodruff as “our lady’s lace” or “our lady’s bedstraw,” since by traditional belief it was among the plants scenting and cushioning the Christ Child’s manger. Sweet Woodruff features dainty lightly-scented white star-shaped flowers at the ends of the stems in mid spring. [ Home | This perennial ground cover is a shade-lover. You might also try it as an edging plant, or tuck it in the crevices of a patio or walkway. Plan your trip with our destination guides to our favorite public gardens, hotels, restaurants, and shops. Sweet woodruff is a creeping, mat-forming perennial that is commonly used as a ground cover in shady areas, such as in woodland gardens or beneath dense shade trees. Herbaceous perennial. Use: Commonly used as a groundcover, Sweet Woodruff has a very sweet scent and is commonly used in potpourris, sachets, and other dried crafts. With starry, white flowers and a well-behaved habit of spreading slowly in sheltered, woodland settings, sweet woodruff is a good-natured perennial ground cover for a shade garden. The Gardenista editors provide a curated selection of product recommendations for your consideration. Add extra organic matter such as compost or rotted manure at planting time to get the plants off to a good start. With starry, white flowers and a well-behaved habit of spreading slowly in sheltered, woodland settings, sweet woodruff is a good-natured perennial ground cover for a shade garden. Judging by DG members' comments on Galium odoratum, people seem to either love or hate sweet woodruff. As a preschooler, she lovingly tended a small patch of weeds in her backyard. Sweet Woodruff is a dense herbaceous evergreen perennial with a ground-hugging habit of growth. Sweet woodruff is not shy about vigor. Sweet woodruff and other Galiums are members of the madder or Rubiaceae family, and native to temperate zones throughout the northern and southern hemispheres. It prefers moist soils, but will survive in dry shade as well. Sweet Woodruff is a dense herbaceous evergreen perennial with a ground-hugging habit of growth. This low-growing perennial is native to Europe and Asia, where it scrambles over roadsides and dry banks. The 8- to 12-inch (20 to 30 cm.) Sweet woodruff is not recommended for human or animal consumption. Planting, Care & Design of Sweet Woodruff, Poinsettias are a holiday staple—but did you kno, Looking for tropical plants for your indoor space, If you garden, you might consider winter to be you, When designer @roseuniacke and her husband purchas, It might feel like dropping temperatures mean the, Hardscaping 101: Ground Covers to Plant Between Pavers, 10 Shade Garden Ideas to Steal from an English Woodland, Announcing Our New Guide to Ground Covers, Landscape Architect Visit: Scott Lewis Turns A Small SF Backyard Into an Urban Oasis, Private Idaho: A Rustic Outdoor Shower in Sun Valley, Dirty Secrets: 9 Ways to Improve Garden Soil, Ask the Expert: Design Tips for a Shady Courtyard Garden, 23 and Me: My Favorite Edible Plants to Grow in Shade, Garden-to-Table Recipe: New Year's Cleanse, Read More on Gardenista About Sweet Woodruff. Native Americans used stickywilly to treat dermatitis and other maladies. Deer should be discouraged immediately when they first appear. How To Plant Your Sweet Woodruff Plants. (Editor's Note: This article was originally published on March 31, 2011. The small, star shaped flowers appear in late spring and also are rabbit resistant. It is not favored by deer. Remodelista, Gardenista, 10 Easy Pieces, Steal This Look, 5 Quick Fixes, Design Sleuth, High/Low Design, Sourcebook for the Considered Home, and Sourcebook for Considered Living are ® registered trademarks of Remodelista, LLC. Liriope Spicata. The square stems hold up six to eight leaves like tiny umbrellas. Copyright © 2007-2020 Remodelista, LLC. Tour | The tiny, white star-shaped blooms, which have a delicious vanilla-like fragrance, appear in mid-spring. A vigorous and spreading groundcover for a woodland or shade setting; attractive whorled foliage and tiny white flowers in spring; prefers organic, slightly acidic soils; tough yet quite delicate-looking, putty in the hands of a talented garden designer It also has some medicinal uses, though as always you should check with a doctor before using any medical herb. Because of coumarin’s moderate toxicity, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration bans its use as a food additive, however it is specifically cleared for use “in alcoholic beverages only.” 1Other Galiums: Yellow Bedstraw and StickywillyCommonly known species besides Galium odoratum include the yellow-flowered Galium verum, also called yellow bedstraw or lady's bedstraw. Luckily, her parents supported her budding horticultural endeavors, and she's been gardening ever since. For information on the growing and care of Gallium, click Growing Guide. Receive the Gardenista newsletter in your inbox daily. Another member of the family, the annual Galium aparine, is native to Eurasia and North America, where it is found in most Canadian provinces and every U.S. state except Hawaii.

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