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There's a lot of classic shmups out there and I don't think you can go wrong with any of them but I highly recommend Raiden I - IV (I think V is a low point in the series personally, and feels the most different from the other ones). See more of our Shmups Guides (including our Beginner’s Guide to Shmups) and other entries in our Defining Games Series. Even in an era dominated by high-end 3-D graphics, sprawling environments, and hundred-hour quests, if you mention the phrase “video game” to a person one of the first images likely to enter his or her head is that of a tiny spaceship sprite blasting away two-dimensional aliens; such is the enduringly appealing nature of the classic shoot-em-up, or “shmup”. Welcome to the Raizing CAVE Club! Aero Fighters 2 / Sonic Wings 2 1994 Badass sequel to Aero Fighters, and still the best of the series. Great job! Eighting (エイティング), also known as 8ing, is a Japanese video game developer and publisher. We are not limited to what are known as STGs or Bullet Hell in the hardcore shmup world, although STG games are and always will be the bedrock of our community. If you’re looking for overblown space operas and dusty battlefield scenes filled to the brim with explosive destruction and danger, shooters have always had plenty on tap: what, though, of those who’d prefer something lighter and more cheerful, albeit without the cheeky, winking antics of a Parodius? D’oh… just reread the part about Zanac. Most of the noteworthy “Soldier” efforts, thankfully, have been reissued at least once by now, so there’s little excuse not to give yourself a 2- to 5-minute history lesson (or maybe a bit more) in wanton destructive purity. What to do? Gunbird 2, released several years later, takes the first game’s combination of aimed-shot anticipation and all-out aggression (not to mention the challenge level) to a whole other sphere: the slightly irritating “ammo-based” power-up system (a holdover from Aero Fighters, producer Shin Nakamura’s shooter projects with an earlier company) has been retired, and charge attacks are now supplemented by quicker, more user-friendly “melee” strikes, which not only makes getting in enemies’ faces feel more natural but better balances out the cast (just watch your energy meter). 35 votes, 45 comments. Batsugun, in a nutshell, takes Tatsujin’s “visceral” brand of appeal and overclocks it. Later R-Types like Delta and Final introduced different varieties of Force for players to choose from, tricked out with everything from homing abilities to bullet-blocking “umbilical cords”. Obviously the games’ presentations can’t measure up to those of studios with dedicated artists on staff, but the music compositions are at least as big a surprise hit as the games they come from, having inspired a bevy of remixes. Shmups 101 | Beginner Shmups | Defining Shmups | Hidden Gem Shmups, Shmup Libraries: TG16/PC Engine | Genesis/Megadrive | PS1 | Saturn | Dreamcast | PS2 | Gamecube | GBA. Shop for Battle Garegga on eBay Shop for Thunder Force Series on eBay Every year I participate in Extra Life, raising funds for Sick Kids Hospital, supporting the kids who need it most. What about pink sweets, which has to be credit fed due to its rank system never lowering down, and if you are god enough, youll stii have to bust out the credits at the true final boss. These attention-grabbing “just one more game” ingredients would be further refined not only in the game’s sequel, Tatsujin-Ou (“Expert King”), but in much of Toaplan’s late product, particularly their final shooter, Batsugun. Highlights Deals Forum Release dates Cyberpunk 2077 romance options Warzone best weapons PS5 stock: latest updates The Return of Battle Garegga, the mad king of Shmups Rank up. Twinkle Star Sprites series – You might have caught a brief reference to this pair of distinctive “versus puzzle shooters” in the preceding segment, but the fact of the matter is that only a meager handful of games over the years has opted to follow in Twinkle’s bright, sparkly footsteps: that said, none can more capably sport the coveted label of “cult hit”, not to mention radiate so much effortlessly-disarming appeal to non-shmuppers. Perhaps to an even greater degree than its heavy emphasis on player repetition and endurance, however, R-Type is best remembered for its two main means of helping players to survive the trials awaiting them: a chargeable main shot (yes, there was a time when it wasn’t a standard feature), and most importantly the “Force” pod. As has been theorized elsewhere on this site, if someone says “shoot-em-up” and the first mental image you get isn’t of outer space, you’re probably envisioning a historically-based wartime setting instead – and, by extension, you’re quite likely recalling one of Capcom’s “1940” shmups. Sequels Raystorm and Raycrisis built promisingly on this popular central hook, but simultaneously hamstrung themselves by tacking on 3D graphics (which haven’t aged gracefully, especially compared to the high-quality sprites of the original) and inertia-infused ship movement (which hindered control accuracy); despite these unfortunate developments, no other shooters have been nearly as successful in donning the noble mantle first worn by Xevious. No love for Compile’s stuff, like M.U.S.H.A. Shop for Xevious Series on Rumors have been circulating for a long time of a “Project RS3” to follow up these two intriguing specimens, but even if it never happens Treasure can still claim more than its fair share of notoriety within the shooter circuit as it is. 6.3k members in the shmups community. If you like the site and want to show your support, the best way to do so would be to donate to charity! That said, the words “Konami” and “shoot-em-up” will evoke something else entirely in most listeners, namely an urgent command to “Shoot the Core!” Any shmupper worth his salt is familiar with the ever-rough-and-ready “Vic Viper”  player craft (so named for its twin frontal prongs and trailing “option” helpers, meant to mimic the fangs and coils of a snake), and instinctively aims for that small central weak point to blast open the shiny crystal “core” whenever a big baddie comes out to play.

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